Established in 2010 - Geotechnical Solutions (Pty) Ltd. (GeoSol) provides innovative approaches to geotechnical, civil engineering and construction assisted services throughout Kwazulu Natal, The Midlands, The Free State as well the Gauteng region.

GeoSol has entered into this limited geographical area where it has leveraged its experience and existing collective reputation into long-term contracts centered on excellent service and cost effectiveness. 

Geo-technical Investigations - Foundation and Road Layer Investigations
Civil Engineering Solutions - Roads and Structures
Design - Implementation - Construction - Rehabilitation
Compaction Testing - Atterberg Limits - Mod AASHTO - CBR Bearing Analysis
DCP Testing - Trial Hole Excavations - Percolation Tests

Concrete Strength Testing - Concrete Cube Crushing - Block and Brick Strength Testing


Water Quality Testing - Drinking Water Analysis - Wastewater Analysis


Exploration - Water - Graveyard Borehole Drilling 


 Cement Content Analysis - Cement Core Drilling - Asphalt Core Drilling


Unique Projects - Facilitation and Research

A Key Focus of GeoSol  is to provide rare services to rural and underprivileged areas at cost effective prices using our director's collective geographical knowledge and experience.

Our main clients are major construction and exploration companies, local governments, real estate companies, utility and water companies as well as private builders and investors. By focusing on institutions such as these that have specific special needs, we believe that we will be able to better serve our clients and produce a superior service that is more effective.

The Management of Geotechnical Solutions is committed to client satisfaction by confirming to agreed requirements at all times. The Management of Geotechnical Solutions shall strive to maintain an open and constructive relationship with all clients and all other stakeholders. The Management of Geotechnical Solutions will ensure that all staff are familiar with and undertake to comply with the requirements detailed in our Quality Management System. The implementation, maintenance and improvement of our Quality Management System remains our top priority.

GeoSol is 100% BEE compliant in terms of The BBBEE Certificate for Micro Enterprises with total shareholding being 100%.

Geotechnical Solutions is a South African Department of Health Accredited Licensed Nuclear Authority

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