Environmental Services Offered:

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

Geo-Sol understands the importance of an Environmental Impact Assessment and offers quality services, successfully managing and completing environmental impact assessments for a range of projects and activities.

❖ Linear infrastructure, such as pipelines, railways, power lines, bridges and roads

❖ Tourism/eco-tourism lodges/resorts

❖ Agricultural developments and projects

❖ Industrial and commercial developments

❖ Mixed-Use developments

❖ Residential estates



Environmental Management Plans (EMP)

In accordance with the Integrated Environmental Management Guidelines the purpose of an Environmental Management Programme (EMPr) is “to describe how negative environmental impacts will be managed, rehabilitated and monitored and how positive impacts will be maximised”.


Mostly all developmental projects require that an (EMPr) be compiled that will address the aspects as outlined above. Project objectives & plans must be achieved in an environmentally sustainable manner; with particular reference to the prevention and mitigation of environmental impacts caused by construction and operational activities associated with a project.



Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geo-Sol offers a competitive alternative integrated approaches to Geographic Information Systems.

❖ Aerial photography and topological maps
❖ Faunal and floral species sensitivity and distribution mapping
❖ Environmental Sensitivity mapping


Water Use Licence Applications

The purpose of a Water Use Licence is to ensure that the nation's water resources are protected, used, developed, conserved, managed and controlled in a sustainable manner. Geo-Sol offers the highest quality services with experienced and professionally trained staff.



Environmental Auditing & Environmental Management Systems

Environmental Auditing is the process of comparing the impacts predicted with those which have actually occurred during implementation.



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