Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS Data Collation (field data collection or verification)

A continuous process built mainly for keeping the primary data of an organization as updated as possible, with onsite surveys and data sanity checks, while also keeping track for any occurring temporary changes.

Our company offers a competitive alternative integrated geographic information systems applications:
❖ Aerial Photography and Flight Plans, Geological Maps, Topological Maps
❖ Faunal and Floral Species Sensitivity and Distribution Mapping
❖ Environmental Sensitivity mapping



Geo-Sol GIS Application Services include:

a) Remote Sensing 

b) Township and Squatter Camp Development

c) Mine Plan Modelling - 3D Modelling

d) Flood Hazard Identification and Prevention

e) Siting of Possible Graveyards, Residential and Industrial Developments

f) Urban Sprawl, Land Use, Land Zoning and Town Planning

g) Locating Possible Dumpsites and Dump Yards

f) GIS Data Collation (field data collection or verification)



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